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Hey there!! It’s Lizz Chloe here or you might know me as Tong Tong. It has been 10 years since I began my career in the entertainment industry.

Call me an entrepreneur, a Youtuber, an influencer or just a friend of yours on the internet who is passionate in creating qualified content, sharing my real life experience and spreading positive vibe to anyone of you who is reading this right now.


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THis is me

Crafting original content, sharing personal opinion from her own unique perspective, assisting brands to establish their online presence, Lizz Chloe as a social media influencer has been able and will continue to share her thoughts to her ever-growing followers based on her authority, knowledge and experience in this entertainment industry.


THis is me

Aside from being a shining star on stage, the offstage Lizz Chloe is more recognized as one of the most influential young entrepreneur in Malaysia.

She is the founder of Creator Studio Sdn Bhd, one of the leading creative production agency that specialize in social media and video production.

Founded in 2018, Creator Studio has been working with a wide range of clients locally and internatianally in establishing a well-managed campaign.

content creator

THis is me

Being in the media production industry over the past 10 years, Lizz Chloe now stands as a leading Youtuber and one of the top Chinese Content Creator in Malaysia.

Her Youtube channel, Dumpling Soda has gained almost 1 million subscribers and a total of 3 millions active monthly view.

Foodie, travel, lifestyle, fashion, Dumpling Soda is an absolute collection of Lizz’s enthusiasm. Be sure to check out her new video every week!

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